Solar Cooking Plus

let the sun cook your food

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Sponsored by
Jackson, CA. Rotary Club

At the Community Center of Multiple Functions in São Sebastião we had a big group of students who already had heard of our previous workshops in other venues. To our surprise several men participated, not so much for the cooking but rather to learn how to make the devices. like Nelmo, the metalworker, who initially only came to bring his wife but when he heard we were going to teach how to make the Solar Cookers and the Rocket Stoves he asked us to allow him to stay. He actually became one of our most efficient helpers, making templates of the chimnees of the Rocket Stoves for all the other students.

We went back twice to the same Center because the class was so big. After completion we always made all the participants sign and date their work. Each time we raffled the Solar Cookers made at the workshops.