Solar Cooking Plus

let the sun cook your food

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Sponsored by
Jackson, CA. Rotary Club

Make Your Own Solar Cooker

The CooKit is a, portable solar cooker. It can be made in one to two hours and can cook one large pot of food for about six people. For larger famiies, make a larger CooKit or several this size.

Solar Cooker Template

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Construction Materials

  • Corrugated cardboard (carton board) – – 0.9 x 1.2 meters (3 x 4 feet)
  • Aluminum foil – – 0.3 x 3 meters (1 x 10 feet) cut into strips as needed
  • Glue (Nontoxic, water – based, diluted 1:1 with water)
    • Water – based polyvinyl acetate glue such as Elmers Glue-All can be diluted 1:1 with water
    • Wheat or rice flower paste, acacia gum, and casein are other options
    • Avoid petroleum and rubber based glues
    • Some cooker materials can be sewn or stapled
    • Don’t use tape for the inner cooker surfaces
  • Paintbrush (the foam type will work)
  • Utility knofe of similar cuttig device
  • Pencil, pen or other marking device
  • Large ruler of other straight edge

Cut out the Cookit shape and slots
Cut out the Cookit shape and the two 60º angled slots in the front panel. Be sure to make the slots narow so the 76º angled cornwers from the back panel fit snugly to hold up the front panel.
Score the fold lines
With a blunt edge, such as a spoon handle, score the fild lines. Make straight folds by folding against a firm straight edge. Only score the oprional fild lines if you intend to fold the Cookit for compact storage.
Glue foil on the Cookit
Using a paintbrush, spread the glue/water mixture on the dull side of aluminum foil and press the gluded sheets of aluminum foil tightly and smoothly like wallpaper onto one entire side of the Cookit. A few wrinkles won’t hurt.
Leave flat until dry. Trim any excess foil.