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Home Soon

Home Soon

Dear friends, all is well, we postponed our return for 2 weeks, just in order to finish all the loose ends, which are partnerships with local Rotary Clubs. This involves a lot of meetings, paperwork and organization.By now the rains are starting , we still have one workshop programmed, but it will be the last one. Instead of the initially programmed 4 hands-on workshops we managed to have 11 of them.

Today we are going to make a DVD, a step by step visual instruction, which will enable our monitors to teach in a more effective way.

We have a team of 14 monitors, amongst them 8 rotarians.

Our home coming is forseen for October 14th. We leave Brasília the 13th and will, once more, skip our projected stop of a couple of days in Rio de Janeiro. After all this is not a vacation but a hard working trip!

I have to admit that we are happy at the perspective of being home in our own habitat! Hopefully we can rest a little after our return.

We have over a thousand pictures and had no time to edit them for sending by email. Maybe we can start on the plane going home?

Big hug for everybody, looking forward to see you all and the nice Martini gatherings!