Solar Cooking Plus

let the sun cook your food

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Sponsored by
Jackson, CA. Rotary Club


Solar cookers are very simple constructs, made of cardboard, aluminum foil or other reflective surfaces, and used with a black pot and plastic bag to capture the warmth of the sun to cook food.

A wonderfully “low tech” solution, they have been proven to save lives in developing countries, where having a way to cook food from within a refugee camp means a woman or girl does not have to venture outside the camp for firewood, keeping her safe.

They have provided whole new ways to feed a family for the underserved and poor populations in large cities abroad.

It was only recently that Irene Perbal made the connection in her own back yard — homeless people getting food, including bags of rice, from her local food bank, had no way of cooking the rice.

The realization changed everything. With the help of her local Rotary Club in Jackson, California, Irene is changing the way local food banks look at feeding the people they help.

Find out more, and travel with Irene on her extraordinary voyage, on her blog.

About Us

Learn about the road that led Irene Perbal-Boylson to solar cookers and Solar Cookers Plus.


Taking solar cookers to Brazil, from the poorest of the poor to demonstrations for banks and schools.

Going Local

One doesn’t always have to travel overseas to help someone in need.